Steven Bangerter staged one of the most corrupt trials in America -- to defend child abuse.   
His witnesses were coached so their hundreds of counts of perjury were consistent.    How did he know he would never be prosecuted? Why has the media buried what Bangerter has done?
Did the Mormon Church use its power to protect big money?

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Oakland, CA, attorney Steven Bangerter has repeatedly defended child abuse in court.  
He lied to his clients about what he could do, and the damage he could inflict on the victim and family.
(Details will be added soon.)

If ever there was an attorney who has proven that the American legal system is horribly corrupt, it's Steven Bangerter.  His crime spree, and the fact that he was never held accountable, is proof that the legal system can't be cleaned up without massive prosecutions of lawyers, district attorneys, and bar association members throughout the U.S.

District attorneys in two California counties, Alameda (Nancy E. O'Malley) and Mendocino (Meredith Lintott), have repeatedly refused to even investigate hundreds of felonies committed, because he's a lawyer.  Bangerter was so arrogant that he stated in court that one of his victims complains (about injustice, etc.) as he continued his crime spree.   
Bangerter's crimes now cross three states lines, but attorneys general claim they have no power to deal with district attorneys who refuse to prosecute other attorneys.

If any of us had tried to profit from felonies, we'd be prosecuted, but Bangerter knew he was above the law years before the trial even began.  

The only solutions are to demand that Congress hold hearings, that grand juries and federal agencies go after career criminals, and that they all be held accountable in civil courts.
There can't be any statute of limitation on crimes committed by judges, district attorneys, lawyers, etc. because they were above the law when they committed their crimes

Bangerter staged one of the most corrupt trials in America for the multi-billion dollar insurance company, Guide One Ins.   He repeatedly lied to the jury, deceived the public, defrauded the taxpayers, was evidently responsible for the destruction of important evidence, and somehow KNEW not one of the district attorneys involved would prosecute him. 
All that evidence was in his possession, but when Bangerter gave the records into evidence,  some of the most important was missing, yet he claimed repeatedly that he and his clients never had it.  Everybody in the court knew he was lying, including the jury, but they awarded nothing because Bangerter overwhelmed them with weeks of ongoing lies and crimes.   

He also knew that none of his clients would be prosecuted even though they committed literally hundreds of counts of perjury.  In addition, the local news media refused to even mention that the trial happened, even though they were repeatedly asked to publish it.  How is that possible?

Did Bangerter pressure his clients into committing hundreds of felonies so he could win for the sleazy insurance company?   Is that how he wins cases?  

This trial was so corrupt, the victim's family tried to appeal, but Bangerter had hired Quest Discovery Services, San Jose, CA, to do the court reporting.  The court reporter typed the transcript in court, so it was already completed and on the monitor screen.
However, Quest demanded $35,000 from the family for a copy of that transcript, and it may also have been falsified.  The law allowed Quest to do that, and they may have also charged Bangerter a very small amount for the same transcript.   Quest also held up the transcript until it was too late to submit it to any D.A., then quickly released it.  It couldn't have been more obvious that they were protecting Bangerter.

Bangerter used hundreds of felonies to win the case, then his firm demanded over $100,000 from his victims.  He has spent years trying to financially destroy his victims, attaching the house, garnishing wages, and much more.  He's a Mormon who intends to make his crimes pay.  He's driven his victims to bankruptcy, a permanent and nearly fatal heart problem, etc.  Then Bangerter viciously refused to take monthly payments.
The sickest thing was the joy they found in destroying a family that had demanded an end to the child abuse at a school which had hurt children for decades.  The attorneys and witnesses celebrated their 'victory'.  Bangerter's co-counsel, also a Mormon, also clearly enjoyed knowing they were destroying a family.   He laughed and grinned at every 'success' and enjoyed the family trying to make payments, desperate to save their home.  It's a true criminal mentaility that takes joy in doing evil.

If you are involved in a case involving Bangerter and want us to testify, email:
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These complaints were filed with the Alameda Co. district attorney:

 --- that Steven Bangerter / an attorney who works with him was involved in the
      falsification of an official deposition.

 --- that they had firsthand knowledge of an attorney who was deliberately scamming
      his clients, information which is not 
available to the public, and they took
      advantage of that to win a case.

 --- that they and Quest Discovery Services worked together to defraud the public.    
      (Bangerter also hired Quest to record a Deposition.  That deposition was falsified, with 
        important information DELETED, to protect Bangerter's firm and his attorney.)   

 --- that they and Quest worked together to sabotage an appeal against the Bangerter

 --- that Steven Bangerter lied repeatedly in court, and submitted falsified evidence.


Transcript information and more facts will be published here soon. 


How it happened:



When you do a Google search for Bangerter, you get page after page of ads for the site he wants you to see.  Very few people take the time to go through those pages, so those who tell what Bangerter has done are buried. 

Attorney Steven Bangerter defended 
ongoing child abuse
in a school by blaming the
victim, day after day, in a 3-week trial.   Bangerter won the case by making the victim appear to be the villain, even though the victim was attacked repeatedly by a bully who was 2 years older and 50 pounds heavier, sustained permanent physical and psychological damage, and the school refused to stop it.   He also used hundreds of counts of perjury and the destruction of important evidence.

The victim had drawn a picture of his father, who was a carpenter, holding a drill.  Bangerter, very emotionally, made sure that the jury was told repeatedly that the child had drawn a picture of his father pointing a GUN at his head, when in fact, there was neither a gun or holster in the home at any time. 
The child was, and
still is, 
very close to his father, but Bangerter successfully took private information from a child's records, and used it to turn a jury against the victim.

Without massive public pressure, district attorneys won't prosecute other attorneys, and Bar Associations are subsidized by lawyers, to protect them from prosecution.
This is a good reason why there can't be any statute of limitations for the prosecution of all attorneys, for all crimes committed, and that they should lose everything they own to repay their victims.

Steven Bangerter also defended a man who abused several children almost daily, over a period of decades.
Those facts are common knowledge. 

That abuser repeatedly and viciously beat children, often threatened to kill them, and nearly did murder them on more than one occasion.   He was also psychologically abusive, frequently humiliating them, sometimes publicly. 

Even though that abuser can't harm children any more, he had Bangerter to continue the abuse.  Bangerter used personal comments, made to one of the victim's counselors, to discredit that person to the jury.  That person was trying to speak out against child abuse.

Bangerter told the jury that the adult victim had seen a counselor years before.   Even though an objection was sustained, he told the jury that the victim had said the abuser was a "drill sergeant who was controlling and domineering..."

Bangerter continued to turn the jury against the victim who did nothing wrong.  Bangerter could never verbally tell the jury that the victim deserved abuse in any way, but it worked that way.  That jury clearly didn't like victims who blame their abusers. 

This is a good example of what the Mormon Church is really like. 
They promoted Steven Bangerter to 

The Bible says that God never lies, and if a prophet claims to speak for God and makes a single mistake, he's a false prophet.
Here are some lies told by Joseph Smith, proving the Mormon Church was inspired by Satan to deceive people:
(more soon)

So, it's no surprise that a Mormon would actively and repeatedly do something so despicable as to defend child abuse in and out of court. 



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